(editing note - i have run out of time, the tractors broke, the mowers broke, and this buncha science ideeas slips further away each day from gettin shared. i hope all these links work for you, i tested them)

this comes fast and broken. not enough time to make it come out right and take care of the stuff i have to do to ensure a place at night to sleep. bunch of ideas that aint enogh clear but pushing them forth may get some like minded to react. oh, and an unfinished email is attached at the end.--but so you know ya gotta go through it, all the secret stuf is near the end and the middle. just kidding , if it was secret it wouldnt be right to guide you to where itis

i have to pump gas, take reservations--sell freindlyness over the phone to get them customers to drive over and have fun, spend thier mony over here. sos you know, president bush, we are having a good year, maybe a better year than some. and its your fault i cant gett to that email to the iran supreme ayatollah. them sttimulas checks they makin it a real busy summer. i hear it alot(also hear some ffolks are paying off loans and debt with the money). but from where im workin, folks are using that money to enjoy a vacation, even if its only a two day vacation of 300 dollar. motel, boat rental cruisin the lake, food, and restrant one night out family of 5.

im hoping to help your ratings. im not shinin ya. folks ask when ya pump thier gas, how the economomy doing for ya. high gas prices and all. i tell, the stimulas checks are coming our way. i say thank you george bush. some laff, some agree(i tell 40 some days). its nice to get our money back from the govt. not sure how they managged without it but its nice to get as much back and have them mangge on witthout it. and its having an effect like the first of the month social security checks and other govt payouts on the first--folks in store, out and about doing things--its stretching out cash flow to put some cash in on a flow thats keeping the money coming out.

(you know i been telling you about working here at the dock and pumping gas, but im just wondering if you really underrstand what it means. maybe 10 or 20 customers a day during the week. at that volume that means im the only one on duty most days. and i personally go down to the pump and fill folks boat up with gas. its like the old days or something. "here comes the gas attendent". we dont let folks pump thier own gas. its way too dangerous. if they aint paying attention or something they can blow the whole place up. the process over water just aint as simple as pouring gas into your car under roof and on concrete. no, waves come washing in, tossing everyone back and forth. all kindsa distractions. so its like you go up to people and hand them tthe nozzle and you might as well sit down, cause its a slow process. if ya rent them a boat you got to go and sitt down right in the midst of them and have a discussion abbout safety issues. sometimes its straight forward, sometimes thiers a clown or two in the group. its fun, but i wouldnt recommend doing it all day. but you see its part tourguide, part greeter, part safety control person/rental agent, and on duty gas attendant. i wonder how things will change if we transittion to elelctric powered jet skis and pontoon boats. will we have high amp charging station at marinas. wont that be interesting having a high voltage ignition source and a fuel source side by side there on the water at the fuell dock. that will be an unfunded mandate someday. and very expensive. but i will welcome it. i dont like seeing the gasoline exhaust go into the lake.

on a presidnetial level, takeing money back ffrom the govt, congress, and getting congress to return it aint no small feat. they dont want to give back or cut back on thier supporters. just like me, i want this steady business cycle to contunie, at least until september. where is that recession anyway. have we stimulated over it. keep them stim checks flowing/weekly.

i was watching cspan this morning and some committtee with markey on it was about energy and transportation. i forget the official name but i remember markey explained how the committee he was on, maybe he said it was him that started the electronic digital cell phhone phonem to happen in the world or maybe it was just america, but it happened cause they(commitee) changed the policy(and took away the economic advantagethat att, comcast had). the ggroup was musing about chainging legislation to convert our cars over to electric in no time flat. this one fellow was saying that if we made a 500billion investment in our energy infrastructure(thats the amount we send overseas to pay for 1year oil use,) would allow us to be free from oil in a few years. thats what i kinda understand them sayin. are they making that up. smoke and mirrors, or mostly smoke. can congress do that, can congress tell detroit to retool, and there be demand and infrastructure. can it really be that simple for us to change our transportation economy to eliminate oil? anyway we can get the presidential candidates to comment on this. or is this for congressman. maybe its the leader we need for our country today. the one who will plot us a long term vision. 10 to 20 year plans are tough concepts for america. or can a strong congress bite the bullet and change the law.

so what i really wanted to talk about in this email was some ideas on muons and blue skys that i wanted to share with yall. i am working on the email to the supremeayatollah(i havnt forgotn or giveup-just soo busy),thank you george bush, and all this science info on detection techniques keeps coming up in my mind.

but today(tuesday) i want you to think about detecting the blue light that is in our sky. (im back, i just took a ski boat reservation. had to stop and put on my sales rep hat-that was ski boat ffor 4th=$250-yes)

ring ring commands the cellphone.

oops-have to stop, pontoon just broke down at state park, have to go and rescue customers--not fun.-- more on muons when this fixed--- (elapsed time)== its friday 4th july and raining, 3crew on dock). gonna attempt to open my mind to defining the bright blue sky and the deep blue sea. hope the phone dont ring and can use that part of brain to go abstract. ok, heres where i give the caveat. this stuf is not ffor public discussion. i dont want to use the s word cause thats to easy to key onea them chinese internet spy bots looking for a phrase with that in it. secret!!!!!!!! well there i did it but you shouldnt mention all this to anyone cause its about tech that not the rest of them have picked up on.

at this moment its 1130pm july8, still busy everyday.

i enclose a link to the the new ice cube observatory at the pole.


theres some good background references there about the blue light that flashes when a neutrino encounters an oxquark. uhm, they talk about cherenkov effect asn beta particles going faster than light in water casuing some kinda blue light wavelength thing. i pretty sure i read somewhere(else) its really the neutrino-muon hitting the quark contained inside an ox atom. it happens in water, ice, and air. well its visibly detectable in all these media which are coincidently invisible or clear. but we agree in that a blue flash of light is given off at such a precise angle that the light pulse can be used to draw an arrow pointing right to the source.

look at this drawing, its a sidevu of what happens when a muon from the sun impacts an oxygen qark in our atmosphere.


imagine your lying on your back looking up at the sun.


right between you and the sun a blue flash is given offf. but you dont see it causee its a directional ray heading back out to space, but you do see the blue flash as it runs into all the molecules of the atmosphere as it travels in the inverse direction of the muon. now imagine all those flashes from all the muonoxqark interactions in the air sending billions of blue flashes out toward space. from space that region gonna look blue aint it.

im thinking the blue flash area or muonox interaction zone, or blue sky is kinda shaped like a contact lens in that it rides above the surface of the earth. like a contact lens rides on a layer of moisture above your eyeball.


if you look out the window of the international space station you can see how blue comes just above the earth. as you gget closer to earth i think theres more nitrogen which decreases the density of the oxygen as the muon gets closer to earth.

know what even cooler about all this. the oceans really interact with the muons from the sun and cosmic rays. infact its like a pun to say that the deep blue comes from the muons penetrating the deep blue sea and emitting the blue flash aimed up out of the watter and into space. im speculating the (optical)density of the blue flash light pulses coming from the earth is thicker over the oceans or clearer bodies of water than the land.

is that why the water looks so blue in the caribean. imagine all them muons from the sun impacting an oxqark in 15 or 20 foot of clear sea water. the bluelight is emenating from the water all around you above and below. be floating right in the middle of muonoxqark interaction.

so here im proposing that NASA make one of these muoon deetectors which checks for blue light flashes in air that is space bound 43degrees from the sun. and maybe put it on a balloon or the bottom of onea thier air planes. i seen how they do this on nasatv. they create detectors with what i think are called colimnators. kinda like channels which eliminate input from all directions but the one they want. well, the blue flash from the blue sky and the deep blue sea, if im right, there should be a lot of blue flashes of light emminating at a inverse direction(43 degree angle) from the sun. i wonder if they could make a observatory/sundial like thing where only one muon was allowed through and impact only one oxquark. that would give ya a good way of calculating location of stars wouldnt it. that would be like a 1 muon accuracy level. with that accuracy could we determine just exact where the muon originated on the sun and therby map the inner structure of the sun, especially where muon emmisions are likely to be denser or lighter.




imagine the secret encryption possibilities. intership a muon beam(not detectable) unless oxqark impact. but a muon morse code into a inship decoder ring. the muons ar sent into a spot where there is ox receptors. its a solid device, no opening cause muon penerate easy. so as the muons interactinside the chamber a blue light is given off. that light, is the tap of the code. amuon beam, as we know it at present, is only detectable from impact. trick is getting single muons transversely through a body of water without telltale blue flashes in the travel path.

this inverse direction light show also works from the earth up. its very possible that there are blue light pulses occuring in the air over nuclear power plants or over irans nuclear stockpiles. if you read through the ice cube observatory stuff you know they detect stuff(muon emissions) from power plants. well thats from the radioactive emmissions which are creating muons(electron annhilation) from the radioactive materials they usin. so, maybe once nasa invents this detector that can discriminate for blue light pulses in the cherenkov blue spectrum, not only should they put one of them detecttors under the airplane to detect blue flashes traveling in an inverse direction from the sun, that make up the blue ball, but on top of the plane cause there ought to be some blue flashes heading back toward the earth from them muons leaving earth and encountering an oxqark in our atmosphere.

this detector could be used to locate radioactive materials allover earth. an if we are checking for light it aint as difficult or cumbersome to build. see, if we was going to build muon detectors from the ice cube method or undersea methods of dirrect impact detection then we would have these big containers of water to lug around. if we built a detector that just looked for light in a certain frequency and was able to circumlocate the inversee direction, its likely to be semiconductor technology and not too heavy. maybe they could make one lite enough to put on a predator drone or something like that.

at night when there are no solar muons creating space bound blue flashes, it might be easier to detect those muons from terra sources which would create inbound blue flashes(overhead). there should be a ring or dome of blue flashes downward directtional. the shape of the the blue flash feild will depend on the sorce size and sheilding shape at faciliitie. 55gal drum vurs a spent fuel pool(maybe flashes even in the night sky over muon emitter sights). once nasa health physicists learns the right or ideal atmospheric level where the terrestrial oxqark interactions occur it will make it easier to find such needles in the night time sky haystack. and dont forget that dome or ring of blue is directional light thats traveling back to earth so ya got to get under it. remember blue light is emmitted in inverse direction to muon travel path.

for example, if you just put on a long exposure film at night of the sky over iran directed at the expected muon oxqark interaction zone, say off (43 degrees) would we find cherenkov flashes?? will at some point radiophysicists be able to come up with a spectrum of blue light flashes or blue optical density that corresponds to a certain enrichment level or at least radioisotope mix.

the following drawing attempts to show ya how muons and the inverse directional blue flashes from the sun and up from the earth are occurring through our atmosphere or sky.


muons are in black and the arrow shows direction of travel. the blue line is the sky, and you see how it has more blue flashes heading upward but there still are some blue flashes heading toward the earth.

you know some genius could probly build a targeting mechanism/guidance system for a sam missile using the earth bound blue flashes as beacons to the source material. uhhhm, i guess when ever the chinese navy figure this out we are gonna have to create distraction devices for to confuse the muon detector guided torpedoes they gonna make.

like waterskiing behind a boat, the blue light wake going off to each side of you, but in this its likely 360around and 270degrees deep. the knowledge on the oreintation of the ox for impact and blue flash emmission is still missing and if there is a earth polarity issue effeecting the ox alignment inrelation to the sun muons and a possible ox polarity alignment changing along magnettic feild lines or even as it approaches either poles.

look at this link below, its a drawing of the zone between earth and the sun where muons are absorbed in our atmosshphere.


muon accuracy.

qarkgap(nucleus orbitals) determine length of light emission and thus width of angle. wonder if inner particles fields shape the light wave length as it exits betweeen them. or qarkgap and coresponding flash length may relate to the disturbance created or energy boost to the qark which caused it to speed up or to raise up to a higher orbit for just a muon second and a burst of light or energy was allowed to escape during this disturbance.

beginning here is unfinished email-- titled neutrino weapons,

whitehouse please forward to appropriate science folks.

this is top secret(that otta make ya curious). so dont pass it on to many folks.


1. neutrinoes; weapon-flash blue in your eyes blinds, poison or induce criticality in irans enrichment activitys, possible application in detection of IED-improvised explosive devices.

2. stealth tech discussion from nsf info.

neutrinos are our furthest and smallest, known, penetrating projectiles. uhm, that means they go further through matter than anything else we have actually discovered. most of this im going to describe to you is, i think still just out of our reach. but, if im right then this is guidance or a vision we can chart to.


weapon-flash blue in your eyes blinds

you know that neutrinos produce a blue flash in water. thats cherenchov blue. also, the blue marlble effect of the earth is likely also due to neutrinoes impacting the atmosphere of the earth from solar and cosmic neutrinos. so we know that neutrinos give off blue light in water and air(oxygen quark - muon reaction) ok, imagine you are piloting a submarine in hostile conditions. if we learn to focus a neutrino beam into the hostile sub we could cause a blue flash inside the eyes of the fellows inside the enemy sub, i.e. operating the controls. experimentation will tellya if its going to be strong enough to confuse them. or imagine if you could do it from an airplane(awac or part of a missile). when an enemy plane is targeted and missiles are on the way, at some point when the target pilot would like to begin evasive manuevers, that would be just the right time to send a neutrino pulse. surely that few seconds of disoreintation and the blue cherenkov going off in his eyes would slow the reaction time and maybe even thwart countermeasures.

in a sub might be the most likely in early development. because so far, we cant control the length or travel path of neutrinos. sending a beam of neutrinos right now(using our present technology) at a pilot of an airplane wont do much good cause they(neutrinos-muon and tau) would go right through the pilot without hardly an interaction. someone on the other side of mars might be effected.

but, it seems logical that neutrinos will be found to have varying frequencys and kinetic energy levels controlling travel path. all gamma, beta, neutrons, xrays etc. have diferent energy levels and LET, linear energy transfer. they also travel different distances in air. mostly, so far all the neutrinos we have are generated from solar fusion and high energy reactions from the inside of stars or blackholes. so its likely they are created with an extremely high state of energy.

if muons really only interact with oxygen quarks(which i doubt-logic says they will interact with all quarks or all quarks of the similar shell as the ox quarks which produce the 43 degree downangle blue flash). if yall have mapped the ox to determine exactly where the muon enters that gives the blue flash, then we might be able to tell just which quark the muon reacts with. oxygen has an atomic number of 16, there are 8 protons and 8 neutrons.


discuss astronauts on moon seeing flashes of light in thier eyes. were they blue light flashes? scientist wonder if it was grb s, but if it was blue maybe it was neutrinoes.



protons and neutrons are made up of 3eachquarks. see reference below if you want to get into details. so, three times atomic number 16 is approx. 48 quarks. neutrinos are negative charged. there are 24 down quarks or negatively charged ones. keep all this in mind, but think about the orbits of the nuclei. most likely inside the nucleus there are shells or levels and orbits. probly there is a binary relationsship dead center where two high energy proton and neutron and there quarks are in a revolving orbit(binarystar) relationship. and the other 7 protons and 7 neutrons are in orbits in a globular pattern around the binary two. within all this very tight spinning, the up and down quarks(of the neutrons and protons) are also revolving(twisting and turning) in tight patterns or orbits that minimize opposites getting too close and likes getting too close. the neutrino is negatively charged. it will repel the down quarks(negative). so possibly, the neutrino that causes the blue flash has the corect trajectory which directs it to come between two down quarks and moves them out of thier orbit. this movement or orbit change is very small. when the blue flash is given off that is most likely resultant from the energy given off as the quark moves back into its original position. kinda like the xray emission from kshell electron kickout. there is a corelation between the length of the blue arc of light and how much the quark moved.

ok, some might not agree with all that, but admit this. neutrinos do effect quarks and thus protons and neutron balances.

poison or induce criticality in irans enrichment activitys

we know that quarks mess with neutrons and protons. lets research that phenom. just for this discussion lets assume that muon or tau bumps or speeds up a quark. thats only one muon. what if we can calculate and time a whole stream of muons in paralell phase so as to lift that one quark more than just enough such that it forces a quark out of the nucleas. if we can knock out two down quarks that leaves an extra up quark. now, just to make this fun, some research says that the tau neutrino is the opposite phase of the muon neutrino. could that imply that tau would effect a up quark. well if we can then create a series of tua and muon neutrinos to impact a nucleus can we drive out a proton or a nucleus. for example say we can enegize two down quarks and one up quark. thats a neutron. if that neutron was thermal(that means its very low energy and aint gonna go very far before it is absorbed into a nucleus). ok, for fun lets say we have targeted irans enrichment stockpile(muon accuracy). if we knock out a few neutrons and they are absorbed into a nearby heu(highly enriched uranium atom) that will cause a fission of the uranium. first off we just destroyed thier work by causing the uranium to split into daughter products and that atom aint no longer uranium. second, two prompt neutrons are emitted, some of them are gonna cause addittinoal fission and that will create a highly radioactive clump of stuff. if all this is close to true and even some day doable, then we can target the peach pits of any enemys nuclear bombs and cause them to go critical or safely cause them to degrade to non fissile material. so, its an anti nuke weapon. cool thing about neutrinos, they will breeze right through the earth and we could do this mean little denuclearfication from the privacy of our own homeland. kinda right under thier noses. maybe from ships or subs.

muon and tau possible application in detection of IED-improvised explosive devices

i have limited knowledge of high explosives, but i googled them and c4. it appears that most have some content of oxygen in them. dioctyl, tetraoxide, on and on. if neutrinos only react with oxygen then most high explosives are still going to be victemizable by our neutrino beams. from what you already read, you know that muon and tau gonna cause nuclear perurbations. if a neutron is emitted or a proton, its gonna ionize stuff in its path. depending on that energy level that path length(specific ionizations) could be quite high. well you know what also comes with ionizations? radio emissions. lets say we can do the neutrino beam and bump out neutrons and protons. ok, so we create a "minesweeper" that goes along the road sending out neutrino beam and listens for gammas, betas and corresponding radio signals. the radiation from the quark bump might not travel far in air, but the radio signal though very faint could travel through some amount of dirt and air.

include pentaquarks info an discussion here---------------------

this first scenario, where we have to base our "minesweeper" on oxygen quarks and thus the center of the ied. lets look for some further research into the effect muons and taus have on other materials. if we can find quark reactions in other elements then we will have much greater material to incite for ionization from. maybe that minesweeper could scan an entire building or even a block. since neutrinos travel all the way to and through the sun, we could scan a whole city and listen for radio signals and radiation pulses.

ok, this is really secret stuff and we dont want to give it away just yet to our russian or chinese friends, but betcha money they read every nsf bulletin. so suggest you disguise the research in space weather research. remember how i told you we could likely stare at the sun and find diferent levels within it where neutrinos would be occuring in detectable densities. like where the he+ fuses to he++. well there in that region would be tremendous neutrino emmissions. other parts of the sun likely wont have such concentrated neutrino creation. brought that up cause as a magnetic storm was passing through the various levels of the sun on its way to the surface it would cause fluxuations in the neutrino strata emmitted. and since neutrinos get here inside of two minutes, with some study we would be able to see the effect(or wake) mag storms penetrating the solar substrata of neutrino emmissions before they even reach the surface. maybe days or weeks of advance notice??

but as for research disguise, to learn all about the emmisions and neutrino strata of the sun, expecially the solar core, which we believe to be of heavy metals, then we gotta do some neutrino bombardment of various heavy elements. things like copper, iron, etc. things that would be in the core and that would comprise the detonation system projectilia of the IED.


stealth tech discussion from nsf info

the link below is a nsf bulletin about some nano tech that appears like a "blackhole" it reflects back no light.


a while back wrote yall wondering about the russians talk about their new missiles would be stealth or invisible to radar. well, if light dont reflect back from the black hole aint it resaonable to thinik that micrwaves will also be absorbed within the nano fabric. i can see how it works. the nano fibers are so small that incident photons(wave)goes inbetween the fibers and does not strike the upper outer edge. and then once inside the "shag carpet" there scatering is absorbed within the weave of fibers. i bet with the right electric or mag field input thiese fibers can be made to open or close to assimilate various frequencys or wavelength distances, and point in prescribed directions. so if the fibers were tilted through some pull to no longer let the radar emission inside or the light photon, but stop it and thereby send identifiable shape backscatter. a radar signature. like massive buliten boards along the highway at a major truck stop. the lights cascade to create images and rotating prices. surely we can shape the shag carpet to simulate a shape on thier radar. dot matrix imaging like roadside signs and creating fake radar signatures on b1s or missiles

maybe silica aint durable enough for the surface of an airplane or missiles, but would stronger carbon nano fibers also allow light waves to enter and diffuse them inside the carpet. and in turn wouldnt this same behaviour apply to radar.

if im right, this is a perfect example of giving away technology to someone through nsf bulletins. hey, i personally love the bulletins. but its a sure shortcut in reaserach for an unfreindly who gets email. i guess we just gotta make friends with the russians and the chinese, and make that denuclearification technology from netrino-quark bumping work sos we can defuse thier bombas.

discuss ---- light waves entering maze, mechanical absorption due to small ness and possible round head shape of nano fibers. and how as opposed to crystalline structure of metals. and how maybe thats why carbon fibers work in stealth tech.


above is decay chain of pentaquark induced via high e gamma. will multiphase nuetrino also set off decay chain?? evidence of above theorem.


above is exchange or method of photon released frequency(cherenkov blue) determining formula. thus netrino energy imparted to quark equals photon emission or gluons are part electron(meson energy) and neutrino energy impact on quark is exchanged to gluon and the above formula for electron transition should apply to gluon or quark transition. even quark follows same type transition formula.


blue light equals 2.76ev

ps - heres the best part of this email. i found this very cool stream over off of 631. and here is where i would insert pics. but alas the stimilas is working and i gotta get the tractor fixed and put away my science toys and this email. and i havnt gotten to the stream yet. so no pics and i goota end it now

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